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International Conference on Olive Oil Flavor and Excellence, Beyond Extra Virgin

Type of Event Congress, Symposium
Location Via Giardino Giusti, 2
Verona, 37121
Website Website
First Year of Event 2006
Frequency Annual
An International Conference about the taste and flavor of super-premium olive oils with simultaneous English-Italian and Italian-English translation. Beyond Extra Virgin is more than a conference: it is an opportunity to exchange and update ideas on the sensory qualities of super-premium olive oil.

Production control, sensory evaluation, culinary application, marketing and technical communication: we will explore all these critical aspects of the frontiers of quality in super-premium olive oil.

Beyond Extra Virgin is a conference for olive oil producers seeking to achieve excellence. We will cover planning for sensory profiles, controlling critical production operations for sensory influence, appropriate sensory measurement, and describing sensory characteristics in the marketplace.

This is a conference for chefs and influential restaurants that wish to create a gold standard of olive oil excellence and flavor discovery. We will explore the new culture of olive oil that can be a reference point and inspiration for consumers, the media, retailers, and others.

Most of all, Beyond Extra Virgin is an event for chefs that want to turn olive oil from a cost to a profit center.

Due to the format of Beyond Extra Virgin—which will include presentations, guided sensory explorations, and demonstrations and tastings by chefs—the maximum number of participants in the conference is 120 people.

Registration form deadline is September 10, 2010.

Date Sep 20, 2010 - Sep 22, 2010