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Fête des Olivades à Nyons

Type of Event Festival, Fair, Exhibition, Show
Location City Hall
Nyons, 26110
04 75 26 10 35
Website Website
First Year of Event
Frequency Annual
The Olivades festival attracts the tourists and visitors from a large area around Nyons: theatre, music graphic arts, all contribute to celebrate a fruit which is Provence’s both physical and cultural food. The enthroning of the Knights of the Olive is more than folklore. The knights must be fully aware of their commitment to defend olive and its spiritual values. The procession before the enthroning ceremony is really worth seeing: marching in front, are the flag beavers of all olive countries, then the long colourful lively procession wanders through the city streets. All are present, dressed in their robes of state: dignitaries of friendly brotherhoods, folkloric groups, bands. Then, surrounding the “bacheliers” come the members of the Great Council of the order dressed in their green cloak, their hat adorned with an olive branch. Lastly four heralds close the procession.

The enthroning ceremony and the shows that follow take place in the shade of the big trees of the “Place du 18 Juin” or at the Theâtre de verdure (an open-air theatre) or on the steps of the City Hall.

Date Jul 19, 2014 - Jul 20, 2014