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OLIVINUS International Competition of Olive Oils

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First Year of Competition 2006
OLIVINUS, created in 2005 by the Eng. Raúl Castellani, is the only international competition carried out in South America, Central America and the Caribbean, region that is by excellence consumer of olive oils from all over the world and in constant increase of its consumption. The event takes place in the hotel Tower Inn in the city of San Rafael, and Diplomatic Hotel in the city of Mendoza, in the province of Mendoza, making it the 6th international capital of Olive Oil competitions following Jaen (Spain), Verona (Italy), Beijing (China), San Francisco (USA) and Tallin (Estonia).
Deadline for receipt of entry forms and samples Jul 15, 2007
Aug 15, 2009
Jul 30, 2010
Oct 08, 2011
Aug 15, 2014