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Goldridge Organic Farms, LLC

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Goldridge Organic Farms grows olives, heirloom apples and asian pears. It is the sole supplier of local organic apples to Whole Foods Markets in Sonoma County, California and produces a premium robust olive oil under the Olive Leaf Hills name, also sold in Whole Foods Markets. This year, it is opening a public olive mill, with a high speed, large capacity press, for Sonoma County olive growers.
The mission of Goldridge Organic Farms is to provide milling services that improve the profitability of local olive growers. The new mill will offer proximity, speed, flexibility and availability that can improve your bottom line.
3387 Canfield Road Sonoma
95472 Sebastopol, CA
United States
Phone: 707-823-3110
First Year in Business
Grower and/or Producer
We grow olive trees

We grow 20 varietals of olives in Sonoma County including Leccino, Frantoio, Minerva, Arbequina, and Picholine on 60 acres of land and produce four estate olive oils each season. The trees are harvested with mechanical rakes and the olives are milled in a large on-site mill.
We produce olive oil

Goldridge Organic Farms is renown for its fresh, robust and diverse olive oils which are sold primarily to farm fresh restaurants. Olives are harvested in the Fall each year and milled at the Olive Leaf Hills Mill on-site. The Olive Leaf Hills Mill also does custom milling for area olive growers.
Supplier and/or Service Provider
We provide bottling services

We are experienced at filling and hand labeling bottles for Whole Foods Markets.
We have a public mill

We provide certified organic milling services

Minimum quantity (in pounds)

Maximum Daily Capacity (in tons)

Our mission is to mill outstanding olive oil for area growers.
Name Brooke Hazen
Company Goldridge Organic Farms, LLC
Owner & Farmer
Organic farmer since 1993. BS degree in Agriculture. Trained at Green Gulch Farm. Founded Goldridge Organic Farms in 2001.