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Golestan Olive Company

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only producing olive oil with quality in mind under the name of our county. minoodasht.
Golestan Olive Co. is situated i north east of Iran , 150 km east of the Caspian Sea,we enjoy a moderate climate perfect for growing olives. we are a small company producing extra virgin olive oil under the brand name of minoodasht. As the geography of our state has a varied climate and altitude on a pretty short width, we enjoy a wide range variety of olive trees and therefore a capability of producing wide range of olive oil taste and aroma.
private lane
49818-33913 minoodasht
Phone: 0098-174-5333675
First Year in Business
Grower and/or Producer
We produce olive oil

We have a private mill

3000 kg per hour capacity decanter centrifuge made by omt , an italian mill producer.
Name mahmoud haghighi
Company Golestan Olive Company
company manager
born dec 27 1972. az a co founder of the company and share holder since 2000.