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Aceites Heraldo S.L.

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In ACEITES HERALDOS we want to offer Natural Juice our healthiest olives, picked from the tree at the optimum time (veraison) and milled on the same day at the mill. The oil obtained is preserved under the best conditions until we pack it when you ask us to. Our range of different qualities and presentations, always in Extra Virgin Olive Oil, will satisfy the most demanding consumers.
In ACEITES HERALDO we have sought the integration of all processes involved in obtaining an Extra Virgin Olive Oil of excellent quality. From the cultivation of olive trees on our property, the olive milling at the mill for oil extraction under optimum conditions to direct marketing. Different processes are monitored at any moment in order to achieve the maximum product quality, since it is a production line where the loss of quality at an intermediate point of the process is irrecoverable at later stages. Our range of Extra Virgin Olive Oils HERALDO, is made from olives harvested early in the season (November-December) in the Cortijo El Derramadero, at the foot of the Sierra de Cazorla (Jaén).
Ctra. Boadilla 75, 1º B
Phone: 34916382837
First Year in Business
Grower and/or Producer
We grow olive trees

Our centenary olive groves are located at the foot of Sierra de Cazorla, in the province of Jaen (Spain). They are of Picual variety, the most common in the area and the best adapted to the climate and terrain
We produce olive oil

In ACEITEIS HERALDO we try to control all different processes in order to achieve the maximum product quality: - from the cultivation of olive trees on our property, - the harvest of olives at the optimal time - the olive milling at the mill for oil extraction under best conditions - to direct marketing, bottliing by orders
Name Javier Rodriguez-Avial
Company Aceites Heraldo S.L.
Propietor and Sales Manager
1979: Agronomic Engineer. University of Madrid. 1989: Master in Marketing . Instituto de Empresa, Madrid