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We produce and import olive oil from Lebanon. Our two featured groves produce oil of exceptional quality perfectly suited to Middle Eastern cuisine. These oils derive their unique flavor from the indigenous souri olive, which marries a green herbaceous flavor on a buttery, pungent medium.
Olive cultivation was first practiced in in the eastern Mediterranean several thousand years ago. This tradition is captured in the oils of Oleavanti. They are made from indigenous olive varieties and capture the flavor of these ancient groves. We are committed to sustainable practices and to help protect the groves from the destructive forces of urbanization. Our ultra-premium extra-virgin olive oils are the finest examples of Lebanon’s unique tasting olive oils available in America. We work directly with producers and millers to harvest and press at exactly the right moment to bring out the great flavor and health-giving properties of our indigenous olives. Ehden Grove produces a limited quantity of robust oil colored by a bouquet of herbs and artichoke delivered on a smooth, buttery medium. It won a silver medal at the 2018 international olive oil competition held in Paestum, Italy. The grove has been in our founder’s family for over two hundred years. Quadisha Grove monovarietal extra-virgin olive oil is produced at a slightly higher elevation on the slopes of Mount Lebanon. The oil has a unique herbaceous start and bitter, pungent finish, with notes of green almond and tomato leaf, and the buttery texture characteristic of oil made from Souri olives.
100 Minges Creek Pl, Suite F-212
49015 Battle Creek
United States
Phone: +1-310-817-0417
First Year in Business
Grower and/or Producer
We grow olive trees

Our groves are located in the Zgharta/Koura region of northern Lebanon. Our varieties are souri and aayrouni, both indigenous to Lebanon. Our two groves have been family-owned and farmed for hundreds of years.
We produce olive oil

We mill using a three-stage process with the latest equipment imported from Italy. Our facilities are among the most modern in all of Lebanon. At harvest time, we work to ensure that our olives are delivered to the press within two hours to maintain the fresh quality of our oil.
Olive Oil Purveyor
We are a wholesaler of olive oil and/or olive products

We offer products that are Estate Grown

We import olive oil and olive oil soaps from Lebanon. We bottle our oil in Lebanon and work to ensure that the quality of the oil is preserved throughout our supply chain by using dark bottles and controlled temperature storage.
Name Tony Gualtieri
Company Oleavanti
I co-founded Oleavanti along with Carol Saadé.