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Societa Agricola I Ciacca srl

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Family farm and vineyard in Picinisco, Lazio, Italy. Keeping it in the family since 1500. Proud to be organic. Extra virgin olive oil, Maturano wine, honey and preserves.
We are the Di Ciacca family. Cesidio, Selina and children Sofia and Giovanni. Our family originates from Picinisco, Italy though we were born in Scotland. Cesidio's father, Johnny, was born in I Ciacca. His grandparents, Cesidio and Marietta moved to Scotland at the turn of the 20th century along with many other families from the area. Cesidio's nostalgia along with his desire to regenerate the area is the driving force behind the company. After opening a small award winning boutique hotel, Sotto Le Stelle, in the village of their ancestry, we turned our attention to reacquiring the family farm, I Ciacca. Cesidio and his daughter Sofia hope the I Ciacca project will create employment and opportunities for the area while producing fantastic, natural and high quality products. Picinisco is an ancient town between Rome and Naples and is part of the Parco Nazionale d'Abruzzo, Molise e Lazio. Our farm, I Ciacca has been in our family for over 500 years and abandoned for nearly the last 100 years and we have recently brought it back into cultivation. To the best of our knowledge, our land has only ever been fertilised naturally and we hope to receive our organic certification this year. Look out for our organic honeys from our own hives, preserves from wild, local fruits and our first wine (2016 harvest) made from an ancient, local variety called Maturano, made under the guidance of world renowned winemaker, Alberto Antonini (DecanterJuly 15 'top winemakers in the world.')
Via Giustino Ferri, 7
03040 Picinisco, FR
Phone: 00447905655152
First Year in Business
Grower and/or Producer
We grow olive trees

Marina, Frantoio, Leccina and Itrana varieties. Trees vary between 50 and 100 years. Organically grown - no artificial or chemical substances have, to our knowledge, ever been used on our land.Trees are between 500 and 650 metres above sea level and our soil is calcareous.
We produce olive oil

Our award winning, single estate extra virgin olive oil is produced from olives grown in Picinisco itself. We harvest our olives manually with the aid of electric brushes that do not bruise the olives. We separate them from the leaves before taking daily to a mill which operates continuouslyand where temperature is maintained under 26 degrees. It is unfiltered and its low acidity levels ensure that it is certified as extra virgin.