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Lakelands Olives

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Biodynamic Organic Olive Oils and Table Olives from Australian National Award winning grower and processor. Cool Climate growing and oil style.
What makes Lakelands Olives 100% Australian National Award winning certified biodynamic organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil special and appreciated? •The grove’s cool climate location west of the world famous Blue Mountains at 700 m above sea level in a pollution free environment next to the World Heritage protected Wollemi National Park. •Sophisticated Biodynamic organic sustainable horticulture following Rudolph Steiner’s agricultural principles. •The love and care of its owner and team for the trees, the fruit, the careful harvesting with fan-shaped catching frames, keeping fruit away from the ground, the sophisticated immediate crushing in a combination of hammer mill, disc crusher and de-pitter, the cold decanter pressing, the temperature controlled storage of fresh and bottled oil, clean room bottling, sophisticated packaging and finally the love and care of olives and oils. •The owner’s ‘German perfection’ and the team’s ‘Aussie smartness’ access the experience of the Mediterranean olive horticulture, but take a completely fresh Australian approach to the olive ‘world’ to create and sustain world’s best fruit and oil quality.
385 Nevells Road
2848 Clandulla
Phone: 61263794819
First Year in Business
Grower and/or Producer
We grow olive trees

We grow mainly Tuscan style varieties e.g. Frantoio, Correggiola, Leccino, Pendolino and have added Spanish style Manzanillo and French style Picholine for flavour complexity.
We produce olive oil

We process our oil olives on site in a state of the art Alfa Laval 1.5t/h 2 phase cold press decanter plant. Our hammer mill, disc crusher and de-pitter give us the option to extract different oil profiles from each batch of fruit harvested. We produce as well highly appreciated naturally flavoured oils, using the Agrumato method. Our table olives are naturally cured with sea salt only and seasoned with our own biodynamic organic herbs.
Name Knut Kammann
Company Lakelands Olives
Knut Kammann is the proprietor of Lakelands Olives, a 220-hectare property with a 4000 tree biodynamic organic olive grove located near Rylstone on the cool slopes of the Central Ranges, about 40km from the wine growing region of Mudgee. Now an Australian citizen, Knut has been visiting Australia for 20-plus years since 1973 when he first came to represent the family printing machinery machines company, still operating at Buende near Bielefeld, Germany. ‘I travelled all over the world, but Australia always held a special fascination for me,’ explains Knut. The remote hilly Lakelands property, which is dominated by a large man-made reservoir constructed originally to supply water to a proposed cement factory that was never built, reminded Knut of Tuscany. So, in 1996, he decided to plant olive trees. Knut joined with other Australian growers to visit olive groves and processing plants in Australia, Italy, Spain, California and Argentina. Many courses, team building and training, trial and error, intuition, innovation and perseverance with hours of bliss and frustration have turned vision into passion. The once devastated block of land has turned into a beautiful, happy and healthy olive grove. Knut knows that without his team of dedicated "Aussies", his success would not have been possible.