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Agbiolab, Inc

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Agbiolab is an independent agricultural laboratory providing olive oil analysis, analytical services for olive mills and Olea variety identification by DNA fingerprinting, as well as plant diagnostic and genetic testing.
OLIVE OIL QUALITY AND GRADE: We test olive oil for Free Acidity, Peroxide Value and Ultra-violet (UV) Absorbance to determine grade based on the International Olive Council Trade Standards. These tests meet certification requirements by the California Olive Oil Council (COOC) and the Los Angeles International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition. We also provide Total Phenol, an indicator of olive oil's antioxidant properties, potential shelf life and health benefits. ____VARIETY IDENTIFICATION: We provide DNA fingerprinting to identify Olea cultivars as well as other crops. Fingerprinting may enable intellectual property protection of new cultivars. ____SERVICES FOR OLIVE MILLS: We measure parameters that impact olive oil yield and quality, as well as pomace and vegetation water. We also provide instrument calibration assays for near infrared (NIR) and other instruments. ____PLANT DISEASE DIAGNOSTICS We diagnose prevalent diseases in trees, vines and various crops using PCR and ELISA, proven methodologies that provide fast and accurate diagnosis of plant pathogens (fungi, bacteria, phytoplasms and viruses) such as anthracnose, or Fan Leaf Virus, crown gall, Xylella and vine decline in grape.
2692 House Ave Butte
95938 Durham, CA
United States
Phone: +1 530-924-4789
First Year in Business
We provide consulting services for the olive oil industry

We work with nurseries and growers requiring cultivar identification and disease diagnosis. Our DNA fingerprinting assists plant breeders and nurseries in new cultivar registration and intellectual property protection. We are interested in food forensics (especially oil adulteration detection by DNA) and detection of allergens in food.
Testing Laboratory
We provide chemical testing for the olive oil industry

We provide analytical services to determine olive oil quality and grade, and total phenol. Our analytical services also include vinegars. For olive oil mills our services include testing of olive fruit, pomace and vegetation water, as well as calibration assays for Near Infrared (NIR) instruments. We also provide Olea variety identification by DNA fingerprinting.
Name Carlos Machado
Company Agbiolab, Inc
General Manager
Responsible for sales and customer services, Carlos brings to Agbiolab over twenty five years of experience in business and information technology. He has led consulting, professional services and customer services organizations at startups and established companies, delivering multi-million dollar solutions in industries such as Food, Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG), medical, pharma, and manufacturing. He holds a MS in Computer Science from Purdue University and a BS in Electrical Engineering. He is co-owner of LC Farms, a farm enterprise growing walnuts in the upper Sacramento valley.
Name LIliana  Scarafia
Company Agbiolab, Inc
530-924 4789
Agbiolab’s founder and Senior Scientist, Liliana brings over twenty years of experience in molecular biology with emphasis on biochemical and molecular research. She was a Senior Scientist at Roche, where she led projects in gene discovery and genomic analysis. Previously, she worked in the Plant Biotechnology division at Syngenta Crop Protection, where she conducted research on transgenic corn and tomato to reduce crop losses by incorporating insect and viral resistance. She worked extensively on Bt insect resistance using emerging computer based technologies applied to genomic and molecular sequence analysis. Earlier, she was Scientist at Syngenta Plant Biotechnology Research in North Carolina. She has co-authored peer-reviewed research papers in major scientific journals and patents. She has a Master in Science from Michigan State University, major in Plant Breeding, and a BS in Agronomy from the National University in Argentina. She is co-owner of LC Farms, a farm enterprise growing walnuts in the upper Sacramento valley. At Agbiolab Liliana continues a lifelong endeavor of bridging biotechnology and agribusiness.