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Bayraktar, Sam

Name Sam Bayraktar
Company Olive Truck, Inc.
Title Founder & CEO
Telephone (415) 832-9747
Sam Bayraktar, Founder & CEO of Happy Healthy Organic, Inc. dba The Olive Truck, is originally from Turkey. He embarked on a research project there to seek out the most unique olive varieties in Anatolia in order to produce very unique olive oil. He ran into the problem of having to travel the olive fruit long distances in order to get it to a quality olive oil mill. From this problem, he imagined a solution. He designed and constructed a mobile olive oil mill with the most state of art vacuum-milling equipment for his project. As the next step in his operation, he created a self-contained mobile olive oil mill inside a shipping container and shipped it to California. Now based in San Francisco, he is furthering his concept to seek out the finest and most unique olives in California and will take his mobile mill directly to the olive orchards in order to eliminate the potential damage that can and does occur to picked olives when they are not immediately milled due to long travel time.