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Katz, Albert

Name Albert Katz
Company KATZ Farm
Title owner
E-mail albert@katzfarm.com
Telephone 707-254-1866
In the early ninties, the rebirth of the olive oil industry was just taking shape in California and Albert Katz found himself at the forefront of this movement. He was drawn to the industry after a culinary visit to Italy and seeing authentic olive oil produced first-hand. He became part of a small group of enthusiastic pioneers who formed the California Olive Oil Council (COOC). His passion for the industry grew into producing award-winning extra virgin olive oils and having a stint as president of the COOC. He later fed another desire when he and a grape grower friend began making traditional Orleans Method vinegar in their historic Carriage House facility in the Suisun Valley. He is proud that their vinegar production is now recognized on the Slow Food Ark Of Taste. This brings us to the present where his culinary journey continues with a commitment to growing and producing foods with integrity. As you will see, we have just begun a new venture of pasture raising chickens on our Rock Hill Ranch as our "cycle" continues. We are busy finishing plans for our Katz Farm on 16 acres in the Suisun Valley where we hope to welcome you all soon to join us at our "farm table".