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Landis, Don

Name Don Landis
Company Dons Olives
Title Proprietor
Telephone 707-829-0497
Don has been presenting workshops about de-bittering Olives without lye to make them edible, doing on site consultations for home owners about their Olives and Olive trees, and going where ever needed to help people during their de-bittering Olives process.There is now a Don is offering greeting cards and framed photos of Olive flowers, trees and settings. The unique framed photo sequence, "The Birth of An Olive" is beautiful. Special Olive dishes are available. Don invented a unique and useful Olive pitting machine which is something you should ask about. Once a year in February Don presents a all things Olive event hosted by Jacuzzi Family Vineyards. An Olive Odyssey. Its entertaining, delicious and fun!!!