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Scianamblo, Abbie

Name Abbie Scianamblo
Company Sorelle Paradiso Estate
Title Founder
Telephone 415-601-6313
Inspired by her Italian roots, Abbie Scianamblo is the co-founder of Sorelle Paradiso Estate Organic Olives and Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Celebrating generations of farming, her family owns and operates one of California's oldest olive plantations in Lindsey, California comprised of Mission, Sevillano, and Nevadillo Blanco olive tree varietals. Abbie holds degrees in industrial technology with an emphasis in product design and holistic health science from San Francisco State University, where she became inspired to initiate the design concept, product identity, and marketing strategy for Sorelle Paradiso in 1998. With a passion for food, health, and sustainable living, she has been instrumental in transitioning 88 acres of olive trees to organic farming practices.