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Buttitta, Nick

Name Nick Buttitta
Company Rosa d'Oro Vineyards
Title Owner
E-mail info@rosadorowine.com
It was my pleasure to spend 1974-84 operating our family ranch in Sonoma County and selling wine grapes to vintners such as Sebastiani, Souvereign, Korbel, and Seghesio. It was while delivering grapes to Simi Winery that Zelma Long, their winemaker at that time, suggested that we make wine from our own grapes. Her suggestion gave birth to the dream. Well, time went by and a lot of things happened, but dreams die hard. Moving to Lake County in 1991 provided the welcome opportunity to pursue viticulture again, and my constant experiments with home winemaking only strengthened my dream of building a fully licensed winery devoted to quality and tradition. I am very proud that every member of the family has given of their time to help this dream come true. Everything from planting, pruning, picking, even placing the label, has been a family effort. Our wines are carefully crafted with a grower's eye, allowing the true personality of each varietal in our location to shine through with nature guiding the process. Many people say that this is a lot of work, some think it would be fun. All I can say is: We are very passionate about what we do.