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Swafford, Joshua

Name Joshua Swafford
Company Central Texas Olive Ranch
Title Executive Vice President
E-mail jswafford@txolive.com
Telephone (512) 863-7194
Joshua graduated from Texas A&M University in 2008 with a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Leadership and Development. After graduation, he started working with his grandfather to start up Central Texas Olive Ranch, LLC. Central Texas Olive Ranch currently has 23,000 olive trees planted, super high density, on 33 acres. During this time he specialized in operational planning, land development, land preparation and supervision of labor crews for over 34,000 olive trees. He has also worked in consultation and advisory services for over 115 acres in Central and South Texas. Joshua is also the field researcher for Texas Tech University (The Research and Development team for the Olive Oil Industry in Texas); and gets the opportunity to travel to different Olive Orchards during the growing season and collect data that will help determine what exactly different varieties of trees need in the different climates of Texas. This has allowed him to specialize in ageing inflorescence, flowers, and olive fruit; manage data collection team for over 13 different varieties of olive trees in Central and South Texas; and participate in yield research for over 200 acres of olive trees in Central and South Texas