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Tseprailidi, Christa

Name Christa Tseprailidi
Company BioGoupios
Title the wife of Vaggelis
E-mail astradenis@yahoo.gr
Telephone 6937111081
I'm the handwoven woman I greate into the loom anything you want.I try to do my best into the farm. I'm responsibole about Services On the way from Athens to Delphi is very easy half hour from the Delphi to make a stop by Organic Almond tree farm. Guests are offered traditional pie and coffee, also share biological our own wine and olive oil do test those who want. We combine this action with us in the studio handmade weavers, where they can see how they weave and weave themselves. We share our experiences with visitors and respond to as many as possible answers. From what we have noticed especially the Germans and the French show great interest in the olive.