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Goupios, Vaggelis

Name Vaggelis Goupios
Company BioGoupios
Title Manager
E-mail ifantra@yahoo.gr
Our main concern is to produce the best practice, namely the so-called current biological method. We encountered many obstacles in our effort and experience and only arrived, it can be grown in our farm some species without causing damage and basically want them to thrive in this area. It is a field epiklynes amphitheater, where the soil is argylopilodes. Located below the altitude Lafystio term. 850 meters from the Helicon and the other side, but very far from Parnassus the property is located at an altitude of 300 meters. In his feet is the principle Copais the valley and sees the sun more hours of the day. It have something unique as the wind at around 13.00 noon, has a slight breeze which lasts two to three hours, at the summer is very good .It hasn’t plenty of running water so that cultivation can do anaferetei only dry soils naturally have a source at the edge of the estate which irrigates the family orchard, while in August if we do good programmatic can download and very little water and we are forced to stern all night the water and at the afternoon as it is to give it to the plants. The name "Mygdalia" took our property because before 100 years and more there was a "forest" of almonds from which one alive now and we have three younger trees. We therefore decided Whoopi and family that will cultivate the land "Almond tree." -“Μυγδαλιά» in Greek Languech. The Olive trees, a variety of olives of the region numbering about 1000 trees and they are 30 years old.