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Bucher, Tim and Mary Louise

Name Tim and Mary Louise Bucher
Company Dry Creek Olive Company
Title Owners
E-mail tim@drycreekolivecompany.com
Telephone 707-431-7200
Passion can be a funny thing. If you’re lucky, it finds you early and never lets go. As a child at the age of eight I fell in love with tractors. Not toy tractors, but the real tractors that were in use on my parents’ dairy farm. As soon as I could reach the pedal, I was driving them and soon thereafter, I was repairing them. When I was a young boy, my father would bring me to Dry Creek Valley where we used to graze cattle in the fertile pastures. I would tell my father as we would check on the cattle, that one day I wanted to live in Dry Creek Valley. I knew then, even at a very young age, that it was the most beautiful and bountiful valley I had ever seen. My passion for tractors led to a fascination with mechanics and technology that is still with me today. But after years in the technology industry, my deep-rooted love for tractors and Dry Creek Valley brought me and my family back to Sonoma County to what we now call Trattore Farms.