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Conrad, Greg

Name Greg Conrad
Company Bio-Ag Technical Services
Title Ph.D.
Telephone 707-778-9605
Dr. Conrad started Concor/ETS/BTS in 1985 initially as a consulting service to companies, governmental agencies and individuals with a need to be understand the nature of problems they face and to provide solutions to those problems. In 1988-89 the services expanded to include analytical capabilities so that the consulting work could be done in a more efficient manner. Indeed, much of our current work is strictly analytical, although we provide considerable guidance to clients with respect to analyses we conduct. Dr. Conrad received his Ph.D. in biology and has undergraduate degrees in zoology and geology, and has four years of chemistry including general chemistry, quantitative analysis, organic chemistry and biochemistry. He has 25 years experience operating a analytical laboratory, and currently the best descriptor is biogeochemist.