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Bertrand, Giulio

Name Giulio  Bertrand
Company Morgenster Wine and Olive Estate
Title Owner
With a lifelong philosophy of producing only the best Bertrand sought advice from experts who suggested that Morgenster’s terroir was perfectly suited to red wine grape varieties and olives. While it is part of Italian culture to produce fine wines and olives together the concept was an innovation in South Africa at the time, and Bertrand set about acquiring the expertise to pursue his goal of perfection. He built a long-term partnership with the Olive Oil Research Institute of Italy from which he imports the world’s most up to date olive tree cultivars and production technology. The trees are propagated in the Morgenster nursery and they and leading production technology are sold to other farms to advance the local olive industry. This has given the entire local industry a competitive edge and South African olive oils are internationally acclaimed.