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Stamatis, Alamaniotis

Name Alamaniotis  Stamatis
Company Olea Erus - Olive Growing Culture
Title Head Of Business
Telephone +30 6975855251
Stamatis has been managing the Estates for the last 10 years, after the family owner Eleni Alamaniotis passed on to him the rights to handle the estates cultivation and olive goods promotion. He has a Degree on Faculty of Management & Economics, majoring on Marketing science and 20 years management and consultancy experience in Sales, Marketing and Business Development issues, working for large size companies in different business sectors for products and services as well. Currently his efforts are focused in Olive Cultivation and Olive Goods production Process improvements in order to keep producing the best olive goods. He is seeking to connect consumers with the pure olive goods stemming directly from his family Olive Groves, through special stores or networks that love and respect the natural foods and human health.