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Varelas, Valentinos

Name Valentinos Varelas
Company Olive Oil Extra Virgin Ltd
Title Director, Founder
Telephone 44-07873 134 632
I was born and raised in Greece, but now I live permanently in the United Kingdom. I am the founder of Olive Oil Extra Virgin Ltd. I have studied food policy and I am a specialty olive oil taster. Previously for more than 10 years i was working as a logistic manager, manager in nightclubs, in various construction business and i owned a restaurant with pancakes. I have a passion for extra virgin olive oil and I love cooking with it in Greek traditional dishes. The last few years I have dealt exclusively with the production, tasting, and exporting of extra virgin olive oil from Greece to the whole world. My goal is to offer my customers the best products of the best quality. That's why I search all of Greece to find the best extra virgin olive oils and present them in my e-shop You can Shop Now.