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Did you know?

The Olive Oil Source is pleased to offer this list of questions that many readers have asked us. We have embedded the questions in articles that discuss the answers.

Question Look insort descending
Can a diet that includes extra virgin olive oil reduce/prevent inflammation? Arthritis
Who is on The Olive Oil Source's Team of Experts? Ask The Olive Oil Source
How can a Mediterranean Diet help sufferers of asthma? Asthma
What are the labeling requirements in the U.S. for balsamic vinegar? Balsamic Vinegar: Part I
Does extra virgin olive oil contain strong antioxidants, including vitamin E, as well as vitamin K, that help repair and renew skin? Beauty and Olive Oil
What are the pros and cons of packaging olive oil in clear glass bottles? Bottling
What are the important elements to capture in a solid business plan? Business Plan
Is fraud really the olive oil industry's biggest problem? Can Digital Apps Solve the Industry’s #1 Challenge?
What factors determine the color of olive oil? Chemical Characteristics
How can olive oil offer a natural solution to help balance cholesterol levels and offset potentially harmful diseases? Cholesterol
What is the most important factor to understand when planting a new olive orchard? Climate Impact on Orchards
Is the color of olive oil indicative of the fruit's ripeness and taste? Color Equals Ripeness and Ripeness Equals Taste. It’s a FACT.
What is the ultimate way to create a completely personalized olive oil and/or vinegar gift for a friend or loved one? Create Your Own Olive Oil and Vinegar Bottles in a Style All Your Own
How many practical, eco-friendly household uses of olive oil can you name? Eco-Friendly Household Hints with Olive Oil
How is oil separated from vegetable water and solids? Extraction Process
How do olive trees respond to over-fertilization? Fertilizers and Amendments
Is the clearness or cloudiness of olive oil an indication of its quality? Filtering
Is 'cold pressed' an accurate term to use? First Cold Press is an Obsolete Term. It’s a FACT.
What's a great investment for people new to the olive oil industry and who have planted an orchard coming into production? First Press – Become Your Own Miller with This Home Olive Oil Press
Is it possible to identify one chemical in olive oil that indicates good or bad taste? Flavor and Taste
What are some common questions asked about freezing olive oil? Freezing Olive Oil
What are two common misconceptions about how extra virgin olive oil reacts to cold temperatures? Freezing Olive Oil Can Prove Extra Virgin Quality: It’s FICTION.
What are the variables regarding frost damage? Frost Prevention
What are the three key areas of chemical change that occur when olive oil is heated? Frying with Olive Oil
What's Carol Firenze's recipe for a healthy indoor tan? Get a Sexy Summer Tan with Olive Oil
What are Carol Firenze's top five tips for caring for your hair in the summer? Hair Care Tips with Olive Oil
Why is it more difficult to extract oil from unripe olives? Harvest Timing
What are some important factors governing the quality of extra virgin olive oil? Harvesting, Transporting and Milling Methods Affect Oil Quality. It’s a FACT.
Why is olive oil considered to be one of the most indispensable ingredients of a healthy diet? Health and Olive Oil
What components in olive oil are responsible for wellness and longevity? Health Benefits of Polyphenols in Olive Oil
Why do high quality extra virgin olive oils contain higher levels of anti-oxidants? Heart Disease
What is the most noted of the health aspects of olive oil? Hearts, Health, and Romance!
What happens when olive oil is heated and/or used for frying? Heating Olive Oil
Where in the world did the olive originate? History of the Olive
When planning to sell olive oil, what should you do to make sure you come out on top for comparison shoppers? How Do You Stack Up When Customers Comparison Shop?
What is the key to a healthy diet? How Olive Oil Fits in a Healthy Lifestyle
What is the highest grade of olive oil? How to Pick an Olive Oil
What are the main things to look for when reading olive oil labels? If It Is Printed on the Label, It Must Be True. It’s FICTION.
FACT OR FICTION? If olive oil tastes bitter, it is bad. If Oil is Bitter, it's Bad: It's FICTION.
What should I do to make sure the infused olive oil I make is safe to eat? Infusing Olive Oil
How much water is needed for olive tree growth in California? Irrigation Installation
What are some of the outstanding reasons to join The Olive Oil Source's Club? Join The Olive Oil Source Club!
What are some important tips about storing olive oil? Keeping Olive Oil Fresh
What are the top ten factors in making quality olive? Making Perfect Olive Oil
Why is modern equipment preferred over ancient methods to mill olives? Milling
What are the strangest things we've found when milling our clients' olives? Milling and Harvesting Olives Checklist
What did the Greek Gods consider to be the greatest gift to mankind? Mythology 101: The Greatest Gift
What factors determine the taste of olive oil? Nancy's Tasting Advice
What three environmental factors impact olive oil freshness? Nitrogen Slows the Aging Process
Is olive oil made the old-fashioned way superior in quality to olive oil made with newer, mechanized machinery? Old-Style Processing Is A Superior Method For Olive Oil Production. It’s FICTION.
Why is it important for olive oil producers and consumers alike to understand the chemical composition and characteristics of olive oil? Olive Chemistry
When and where was the olive fly first detected in North America? Olive Fly Control
What are some of the important points developed in this 7th grader's award-winning field research project? Olive Fly Researcher, Matthew Sorge, Does Battle Against Evil
What is the importance of olive oil to the Olympics and athletes? Olive Oil and the Olympics
Why is it beneficial to include olive oil in your daily diet? Olive Oil and Your Health
Can olive oil be used to combat head lice? Olive Oil is One of the Best Ways to Combat Head Lice: It's a FACT
Is it true that eating a healthy Mediterranean-style diet actually makes us happier? Olive Oil Makes You Happy
What does the objective organoleptic assessment method developed by the International Olive Council determine? Olive Oil Tasting Terms
When is the best time of year to plant olive trees? Olive Tree Planting
What are the main reasons to prune mature olive trees? Olive Tree Pruning
What three varieties of olives work best in the super-high-density system? Olive Tree Spacing
Where can I go to find scientific information about olive varietals? Olive Varietals
Where can you get complete information about how to qualify as an organic farmer and maintain your crop under organic regulations in the State of California? Orchard Management Regulations
What foods are best preserved in olive oil? Preserving Summer with Olive Oil
What are the two most important training objectives of the first three years in the life of an olive tree? Pruning and Training
Does sediment in olive oil increase its health benefits? Racking
What are some of the ways olive oil can be beneficial to the men in your life? Real Men Use Olive Oil
Why have increased industry regulations often been considered a double-edged sword? Regulations and Standards
What was the Father of Medicine's (c.460-370 B.C.) advice for healthy living? Rejuvenate Your Lips with Olive Oil
What is the key to success when incorporating costs into your business plan? Sample Costs
Can I grow my olive trees indoors? Site Selection
Since olive trees are known to be drought-resistant, does that mean they don't need to be irrigated in places like California? Soil and Water Analysis
When is the best time of year to prepare the soil for a new olive orchard? Soil Preparation
What are the main differences between traditional olive orchards and Super High Density? Super High Density
Why is olive oil sometimes compared to wine? The Basics
Where are the The Olive Oil Source sales headquarters located? The Olive Oil Source Expands in New Space
Why is olive oil such a unique plant food? The Science Behind the Magic of EVOO
What world record was attempted in the Italian town of Fabro? The World's Largest Frittata
Who was America's first 'foodie' president? Thomas Jefferson and Olive Oil - Our First Foodie President
How many things are people likely to remember about a product? Three Things You All Know About Olive Oil
When developing a business plan, which is more important: a 'what if' stage or a spreadsheet? Too Many Tactics, Too Little Money. The 8-Hour Solution.
How can olive oil be used to treat common winter ailments? Treat your Winter Cold … with Olive Oil
What are common variety choices for traditional high-density orchards? Tree Selection
What is the best thing you can do to evaluate the reality of your dream of going into the olive oil business? Turning Olive Oil into a Business
What are the advantages of using talc during the milling process? Use of Talc
Is it true that including olive oil in your diet can help you lose weight? Weight Control
What are the components that make adding olive oil to your daily diet such a smart idea? What is in Olive Oil
What are some of the questions people ask about the health benefits of olive oil? Why Olive Oil Is Good For You
FACT OR FICTION? Olive oil can heal sunburn. Will Olive Oil Heal Sunburn?