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Will olive oil suck the cholesterol out of food?


My mother-in-law believes that olive oil actually "sucks" the cholesterol out of foods that it is added to or cooked in. She visited recently and did the majority of the cooking. She put olive oil in everything including scrambled eggs and oatmeal. Chicken, vegetables, and rice swam in cups of olive oil. In the five days that she was here, she used about 3/4 of a liter of olive oil. She is really pressuring us to adopt this kind of diet. Is she right, the more the better? We already use olive oil instead of other oils and use butter very infrequently.

Dr. Deane

You have reason for concern. You could ADD a pint of olive oil a day to your diet and it would not lower your cholesterol. Only by using less of the fats that contain cholesterol like lard and butter will your blood cholesterol go down. SUBSTITUTING olive oil where you would use a fat containing cholesterol is a healthy choice. Adding a greater amount of fat to your diet just adds calories.

Saturday, May 6, 2006

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