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Will drinking olive oil clear your arteries?

D. Jones

I heard the other night on David Letterman that Mel Gibson had been drinking 1 oz of olive oil every day and that he had cleared his arteries completely out. Is this true. My chol. is 211 and my LDL is very high. Would this help me. Please let me know at your convenience Thank You

Dr. Deane

Several studies show that substituting animal fats with olive oil will lower your chance of a heart attack. Note that we are substituting, not adding fats to the diet. There is still some controversy over whether a diet extremely low in all fats or one which has a moderate amount of monosaturated or other "good" fats is better.

Extremely low fat diets are the only ones which have been shown in well designed preliminary scientific studies to cause a reversal of plaque in the coronary arteries. There are larger studies currently under way using a " Pritikin" or "Dr. Dean Ornish" type low fat diet which should shed some more light on this controversy.

Most Americans eat way too much fat and too many calories. Simply adding more fat to the diet is very unlikely to melt away clogged arteries.

Friday, November 7, 2003

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