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Why don't they use olive oil more in dry baking mixes?

A Reader

Why don't they make more dry mixes (like pancake mix) with extra virgin olive oil? How long can these mixes sit on a shelf at room temperature?

Olive Oil News

We are certainly not the experts on this topic at the Olive Oil Source but I can give you some facts. Olive oil will oxidize with exposure to air and dry mixes have very high surface areas for exposure. Using air-tight or inert gas packaging will help prevent oxidation. Anti-oxidant food additives will slow oxidation. Unfortunately auto-oxidation happens in the absence of oxygen and may be accelerated by exposure to other ingredients.

Olive oil has not been used traditionally in dry mixes because it is expensive, it permeates packaging because it is liquid at room temperature and it oxidizes more quickly. Trans saturated fats are ideal for dry mixes; they are cheap, solid and stable. Unfortunately they are not as good for your health. Large companies which supply the food industry with edible fats do a great job of advising their clients and doing research on the best use of their formulated fats in areas such as dry mixes. The olive oil industry has not done this traditionally because olive oil was out of the price range for this use. With new health concerns and interest in olive oil we are hoping that the IOOC and other olive oil organizations can come to the aid of manufacturers such as yourself with better advice on how to use our product.

Monday, June 12, 2006

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