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Which is best: olive oil, tea oil, or mustard oil?


Which fat content is better for you, that of olive oil or tea oil? Do you have readily available a comparison between olive oil and mustard oil? Our farmers here (Nepal) are growing and eating mainly mustard oil.

Dr. Deane

I don't think there is any one "best" oil to use just as there's no best fruit to eat. Your body thrives with a variety of healthy oils. Certainly avoid excessive amounts of the ones we know are harmful; coconut oil, animal fats, trans fats, etc. Each vegetable oil has its own strengths and weakness. Some may have more omega-3 fatty acids but require solvent extraction and heavy processing. Some are cheap (which is helpful for filling a deep fryer), but have fewer natural antioxidants.

There have been no serious studies of the health benefits of tea oil and its not an oil you would find readily available and cheaply at most US supermarkets. For those reasons I would favor olive oil over tea oil for everyday use. Flavor is also an issue. If tea oil is the flavor you are desiring for a particular dish, then I would add it to your kitchen shelf. In Asia, tea oil can be heavily refined, leaving a neutral taste.

Friday, July 15, 2005

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