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What's the proper use of bottled olive oil on the table?


At a local restaurant there is a clear bottle with spout always on the table. The contents appear to be olive oil. It's a very snooty place and when my husband asked what the contents were and how it was to be used the waiter laughed it off like we were very ignorant and didn't say. I was just wondering if you know what the proper use is for whatever is inside the bottle. It does look like olive oil and it's an italian restaurant

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Shame on the waiter! I would assume it is olive oil and that it is to be used on your bread like you would butter. Or the bread can be dipped in the oil. In many olive oil producing countries olive oil is used at the table as a condiment. A good olive oil can be added to a soup or stew, drizzled on fish or salad or vegetables. An extra virgin olive oil should have a flavor that will enhance the food.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

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