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What types of olive oil would you recommend for our bakery?

Pastry Girl

We are a small bakery cafe looking to use olive oil in our production.

Please send recommendations for the following uses:

- baking into artisan breads and pastry

- bread sampler plates to dip bread into

- salads

- roasting vegetables

Ed at the OOS

Recommendations can be tricky as they totally depend on the finished item you are looking for.

As to baking if you are simply trying to replace another vegetable oil with olive oil I would recommend a refined oil such as the pomace, pomace and extra virgin blend, and pure and extra virgin blend. The first is the lightest in flavor and scent and the most similar to a vegetable oil and the others have a progressively stronger olive oil taste and scent. I recommend refined oils for baking as they are lighter in flavor, less expensive and have a higher smoke point however if you want your breads to have a heavier olive oil flavor I would recommend a 100% Extra Virgin.

For dipping oils I would recommend at least two extra virgin olive oils such as Sevillano and Mission winter as one is a stronger oil (Sevillano) and one a lighter oil (Mission winter). I would also recommend a California flavored fresh pressed extra virgin olive oils, the most popular being basil, jalapeno and garlic followed by lemon.

For salads and roasting vegetables I would again recommend an extra virgin olive oil. Either the Mission Winter on the Sevillano would work for this depending on the strength of olive oil presence you would like.

Monday, February 2, 2009

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