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What is the effect of olive oil on our GI tract?


Does olive oil harm the beneficial bacteria in our lower GI tract? and why is olive oil good for GI support?

Dr. Deane

Edible oils should be completely absorbed in the small intestine so there should be no effect on the lower GI tract. If you have a malabsorption problem, where oils are not being absorbed, then the oil would go to feed the bacteria in the large intestine.

Be wary; phrases like "good for GI support" or "good for prostate support" are medically meaningless, which is why they can be used by nutrition supplement manufacturers to describe their products without interference from the FDA. If they claimed that their product actually treated or prevented a medical condition or disease, then they would have to prove its safety and effectiveness in clinical trials, which of course most supplements could not do.

Olive Oil has no special effects on the GI tract different from other oils in normal healthy individuals. It is a food source and because food is required by the body, legally you can claim that "olive oil is good for GI support" just as it is "good for lung support" or "good for blood support". You could claim the same for water.

Some people with inflammatory bowel disease report that olive oil calms their attacks. This has not been well proven, nor is it generally recommended but it may theoretically occur because oil is not being absorbed by the inflamed small intestine.

Monday, November 7, 2005

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