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What about using pomace to make olive oil?


I am living at the foothill of Sierra Nevada in North California.

I’ve just started making soap. During a conversation with one of my friends who is an olive oil producer I found out he has more than 50 tons of pomace and he just throws them away! I know olive pomace oil is very good oil to make soaps.

At the moment, my friend doesn’t have facilities to produce the pomace oil.

If you know some olive oil producers who may be interested in buying the pomace from my friend, would you give me their names?

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It sounds like a good idea but economically it doesn't pencil. The amount of oil which is retained in the pomace is a very tiny percentage so it takes large quantities of pomace to make a small amount of oil. Pomace oil is the cheapest oil. As the pomace is heavy, shipping more than a hundred miles would erase any potential profit. The refineries which extract the oil from pomace are huge operations so unless tremendous amounts of pomace are being produced right near the refinery as in Spain and Italy, it makes no sense.

Sunday, November 5, 2006

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