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Is there a convent that makes olive oil?


My wife and I have heard that there is a convent in CA where the public harvests the olives for the nun and this is how they support the convent. Have you heard about this and do you know how I can find out more about this?

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Father Bernie Bush had a yearly harvest at the Jesuit Retreat House and the Carmelite nuns' property in Santa Clara. Unfortunately the olive fly has hit them hard and they do not have the resources to spray properly so they no longer have this Thanksgiving day tradition. The public was invited to pick and received a bottle of oil for their efforts.

The Dominican Sisters of Mission San Jose have a retirement property with olives which they pick but it is usually done by the gardening staff with pneumatic rakes which we have supplied, not by the public. The olives have been pressed pro bono by the Sciabica family in Modesto and the oil is sold by the sisters.

There is a Mission Olive Restoration Project headed by Gabriella Leonhard which is trying to restore clones of the original mission olive trees to each of the mission properties. Some of the missions, notably Soledad where olive truncheons have been planted, have active volunteer groups and some make olive oil.


Sunday, August 15, 2004

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