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Should new shoots on and around olive trees be removed?


I have recently bought an Olive tree which was planted in our garden several months ago. We now seem to have many shoots not only coming up around where the root ball is, but also a fair distance away (amongst the grassed area). What is the best method to stop this unwanted growth? I was thinking of extracting the shoots and using these for plants to create a border at the end of our property. But will removing these shoots stop new shoot coming back again?

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You could remove a section of the root with the shoot and use this to start a new tree. They are called suckers or truncheons which have sprouted. Obviously you must be judicious with this or you would sever all the roots and kill the tree. Most olive trees would rather be an olive bush or bramble if left to their own designs, so removing the suckers is a constant chore in orchards. This characteristic does allow them to quickly regenerate if frozen or burned to the ground though.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

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