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Is olive oil too high in fat when used for frying?


I recently started using olive oil to fry my chicken with it and I love it!!! the only issue is that I noticed that it is extremely high in fat for one table spoon. I am easily using 20 or thirty tablespoons when I fry it. I have noticed I am also starting to gain weight. the only part of my diet that I have changed is the olive oil. is there anyway to fry stuff with olive oil and not gain weight from it?

Dr. Deane

All foods can be divided into protein, carbohydrate or fat. All oils are fats and they all have the same amount of calories. It doesn't matter whether it is peanut oil, flax seed oil, canola or olive oil. They all have 120 calories per tablespoon. I think your problem is that you are frying your food instead of grilling, sautéing or steaming. Try lightly sautéing or steaming meats or vegetables and then drizzling on a tiny amount of a flavorful olive oil at the table.

Saturday, May 6, 2006

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