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Is olive oil good for rapid gastric emptying?


I have rapid gastric emptying. It has been suggested to me that I take oleic acid in emulsion to allow for greater absorption of food and oral antibiotics I am taking. I am concerned that the oral meds are not being absorbed. Do you know where oleic acid is something that I can take in its free form ? Is there a company that makes oleic acid in emulsion for over the counter or prescription use?

Dr. Deane

Olive oil is mostly oleic acid. There are chemical labs which can provide pure oleic acid, but why not use olive oil; it has antioxidants and other healthy components.

Some people have rapid gastric emptying; when they eat, food doesn't stay in the stomach long enough but zips through the intestines causing cramping and diarrhea.

Oil at the beginning of a meal can cause the valve at the outlet of the stomach to close, slowing things down. This can also cause a sooner feeling of fullness and satiation, which explains why dipping bread in olive oil as an appetizer can actually cause people to eat less and lose weight by consuming fewer total calories.

An emulsion is a mixture of a fat and water. Salad dressings and mayonnaise are typical emulsions. You could easily make some mayonnaise from olive oil.

Many foods interfere with absorption of oral medications so it is a valid concern. You should ask your pharmacist about this in regards to your set of medications

Sunday, September 10, 2006

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