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Is olive oil best for frying?


Is Olive Oil in fact the healthiest way to deep fry (If in fact there such a thing as healthy deep frying. Not sure that there is)?

Dr. Deane

I would agree with you that deep frying is not an intrinsically healthy cooking method. It tends to be more healthy the hotter you can get the oil. The food or batter does not absorb as much oil. Olive oil works well as it has a high smoke point but any seed oil like canola, corn or sunflower oil would be as healthy and they would be much cheaper if you are looking to fill a large fryer. Keep your expensive but tasty olive oil for use on salads or on food after it is cooked to preserve more of the flavor. I would stay away from tropical oils such as coconut oil.

It is interesting that on a recent trip to Granada and Barcelona, we saw that most of the tapas places were using olive oil in the fryers for their crispy fried small fish, octopus and squid. When asked, we were told that consumers there demand olive oil for the better flavor. Last year when Spain had a small olive crop and olive oil prices climbed, this was a hardship for the restaurants but they continued to use the much more expensive olive oil.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

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