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Is olive oil bar soap good for seborrhea?


Dermatologists have told me I have a condition called seborrhea-psoriasis and it causes redness and irritation on my face and scalp. They prescribed hydrocortisone as well as another prescription cream, but I didn't notice any improvement and I didn't like using a steroid on my face (however, with a bad outbreak, the cortisone helps quite a bit). I wanted to use something natural and soothing and possibly something that reduces the redness on my face. I bought some Olive Oil soap and I wondered if it would be gentle enough and possibly healing for my face. Someone told me it might be too harsh on my face and to instead use it on my body only and also buy the Kiss My Face brand that might be more gentle on my face.

Dr. Deane

Irritated skin may be helped by application of olive oil or olive oil emollients but olive oil soap is another matter. While olive oil bar soap is made with lye, the lye has been used up by the saponification of the oil so there should be no lye left in the soap. Lye soap is the oldest type of soap but can be more irritating than newer soaps that use surfactants instead of saponified oil. Dermatologists routinely recommend Dove or similar mild soaps over lye based soap.

I do not want to give olive oil soap a bad name, many people appreciate the fact that hand made lye soaps have very few added ingredients which some people object to and adding different waxes, essential oils, etc. can make a fairly mild bar.  


Thursday, March 15, 2007

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