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Is it true that olive oil has no trans fats?

Les from Colavita

On the Olive Oil Source website, there is a statement that Olive oil

contains no trans fats. I am looking for literature that explains that claim.

Olive Oil News

On our site we use Apostolos Kiritsakis's and Dimitrios Boskou's olive chemistry textbooks for technical information. South African olive oil chemist Guido Costa has also weighed in and is quoted on our chemistry page.

We occasionally speak with oil chemists directly to settle an argument and they are quoted in our Comments section of the newsletter. Kiritsakis's book suggests there may be minute (<.01 amounts="" of="" elaidic="" acid="" which="" is="" a="" trans="" fat="" in="" olive="" oil="" but="" that="" has="" not="" been="" positively="" determined="" i="" think="" it="" would="" be="" more="" than="" safe="" to="" say="" no="" fatty="" isomers.="">

Wednesday, July 7, 2004

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