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Is it good practice to consume large quantities of olive oil at once?


There is yoga class in my area, have a lesson for their students to consume a bottle of olive oil in few hours. They said this can help clear your stomach. I wondering is that true? or it is not a good idea to consume olive oil like that?

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I think you are right to question this lesson. Several doctors I know recommend a tablespoon of olive oil daily on an empty stomach.

You should consult your own health practitioner and see what he/she thinks, but if it were me, I would be very cautious. This strikes me as a clear case of "too much of a good thing".

First, olive oil is a mild laxative, so an entire bottle may be a bit much. Second, let's say it is a 375ml/12.7 fl.oz bottle (the size of a half-bottle of wine). This would be about 26 tablespoons, I believe, that is 3,120 calories of pure fat. Finally, I can tell you that when we taste olive oil, after about the equivalent of 10 tablespoons (mixed with a few slices of apple and water to clear our palate), we definitely don't feel very good.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

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