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Does Olivio have trans fat?


I am a very careful reader of food labels and an on-line article by you mentions that Olivio may possibly contain trans-fatty soybean. This surprised me. There is no mention of trans-fat in the ingredients of Olivio.

As you know, many products list 0 grams trans-fat in the chart on the label but have hydrogenated oil listed in the ingredients section. Our wonderful FDA allows up to 1/2 gram of hydrogenated oil per serving, thus the food companies are able to list 0 grams trans-fat in the chart if less than 1/2 gram per serving even though trans-fat is listed in the ingredients. If you have more than one serving or eat something else with the allowable trans fat your getting more than 1/2 gram. So much for the FDA being a protector of the public.

Having had by-pass surgery, I stay away from food with trans-fat even if it is far down the list in the ingredients section.

Since Olivio lists no trans-fat in the ingredients, is the amount in it extremely small or is it difficult to determine if there is a very small amount of trans-fat in Olivio?

Dr. Deane

I agree with your careful scrutiny of food labels and think you are right about the Olivio having no trans-fat.

The article you refer to was in our archive section and was written in 1998 when the product had not actually come out, but was based on a news release from the company. Many things have happened since then as far as ingredients in food products. The internet is a wonderful resource but just as you should look for a date produced on a bottle of olive oil, you should look at the date of the information in the article. (I think I saw a Time magazine in our doctors waiting room that covered the Reagan presidency)

Monday, March 26, 2007

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