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Does eating 100 olives a day mean too much salt?


I am currently eating around 100 fresh green olives per day. I have looked up many sites but the information seems to differ on what benefits if any they can have on you. I am not sure if there is too much salt and I would be better cutting back. The olives I buy are fresh marinated in ginger and lemongrass.

Dr. Deane

I doubt you are eating fresh olives as in “fresh off the tree.” They must have been cured in water, brine or lye to remove the bitterness. After curing, olives can be preserved by canning under heat in a tin or a jar, by refrigerating for up to a few weeks, or most commonly by marinating in brine or vinegar or a combination of both. If the olives are out in the open in a supermarket, then they are in brine and/or vinegar or are dry- cured in salt. Eating 100 olives a day is quite a bit of calories and unless these are refrigerated water-cured olives, you are also eating too much salt.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

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