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Could worsening allergies be due to olive trees?


I recently purchased an old farm in Las Vegas with many overgrown trees. How do I identify olive trees and it seems to my wife and I that our allergies are worse now. Could this be from the olive trees?

Dr. Deane

Allergy to olive pollen is common. Olive trees are wind pollinated so the pollen grains are small and can travel long distances. Your allergy to olive trees would only be active when they are blooming in the spring when they have many small flowers on the previous year's growth.

The trees have distinctive colored and shaped leaves. You can compare your trees to pictures on our site or in a horticulture book or get a knowledgeable nurseryman or neighbor to help. In the fall, olive trees should bear olives, so it would be easier to identify them at that time of year.

Worsening allergies on moving to a new location may warrant allergen testing by an allergist to determine if you could eliminate the offending substance from your environment.

Wednesday, September 1, 2004

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