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Could olive oil be good for eczema?


I am seeking a natural remedy for a skin disorder which plagues my body. I have what the doctor biopsied and called eczema. So…eczema is my infliction and it is ugly. The subscribed medication is a gel base with a cortisone additive. I feel like I am always greasy and worry about the impact of so much cortisone.

Dr. Deane

Moisturizers can be an important part of treating eczema. Many types of natural oils have been used successfully for eczema, such as coal tar, and vegetable oils like olive oil. It wouldn't hurt to try olive oil. Steroid anti-inflammatory creams work best for most people. Don't confuse the minimal long term effects of steroids used on the skin compared to the major side effects of steroids taken by mouth. Unless you are using the steroid cream over extensive areas of the body, you are absorbing little of it. For more, see

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Monday, November 5, 2007

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