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Can you recommend an olive tree variety that would grow well in Southeast Asia?


I have a farm in south east asia where we currently successfully grow

sugar cane. rice and fruits such as mango/

I believe that we have soil conditions that are good for olive growing and

I would like to see if we can develop a commercial olive oil business.

After researching the internet it seems that my problem may be to find a

type of tree that does not need a couple of months of relative cool.

Our wet season is May to August but there is some sun every day with highs

of 80+ and lows of 70. I believe we can manage the wet with drainage.

Temporatures in the rest of the year go up to mid 90S except for Dec and

Jan when the day high is 70+ but the lowest one can expect the night to be

is is arid but we have water.

is there a tree you can recommend ?


When it comes to temperature adaptation, the differences between the many varietals are very small, a few degrees, at the most. To the best of my knowledge, you need a winter month where the average daily temperature is below 54 degrees or less so that the tree gets the message to slow growth and change gears for flowering in the spring.

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Monday, March 15, 2010

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