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Can you make olive oil hard for spreading?

A Reader

Is it possible to make olive oil hard for spreading, like margarine?

Margaret Chidgey

We use 500g of butter to 1.5 cups of evoo. Make sure it is fairly light-flavoured oil, otherwise the oil will overwhelm the butter taste.

Beat the butter in a food processor or Mixmaster until softened, then gradually add the olive oil. When it is all completely blended, it will be quite pourable. I pour it into 500 ml containers and put lids on, then store them in the fridge. When cold it is quite hard.

Variations: You can add some milk to make it go a bit further - up to 1/4 cup for this quantity. We make winter and summer blends too. The recipe above is for winter. In summer I use only 1 cup of olive oil, because the spread becomes too soft when it is left out in warm weather.

Monday, February 2, 2009

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