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Are there risks to getting olive oil in the eye?


Are there any inherent risks with getting olive oil in the eye? Upon accidentally getting aviation hydraulic fluid (Skydrol LD4) in the eye I observed a mechanic putting an eyecup full of olive oil in that same eye to relieve the pain. At that point he then went to an eyewash fountain to clean up the eye. Olive oil is the tool of choice but the practice has been questioned. The manufacturer suggests mineral oil or castor oil be used so I am trying to track down where our use of olive oil came from. If there is no hazard I would prefer to leave a tried and trusted method.

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We asked safety consultant Ernie Schulze about this: I've never heard of this practice and it is not recommended by Cal OSHA. They say to wash out the eye with water for ~15 minutes.

Saturday, May 6, 2006

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