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Writer's Guidelines


Who We Are

The Olive Oil Source websites service both the business/trade industry and general consumer audience. Our articles take an informative and entertaining approach to helping readers make the most of their passion for olive oil. The majority of our articles take a service approach, providing detailed information on practical business issues, relevant news of the day, global snapshots of the olive oil industry and consumer-directed suggestions for everyday use. We include writer bylines in nearly all our articles.

Successful Pitches

Most of our freelance articles are written on assignment, so sending clips and a cover letter explaining your qualifications is the best approach. If you’d like to pitch a story idea, please keep the following guidelines in mind:

  • Sum up your idea in 2-3 sentences and propose article length. We will not respond to general concepts, so make sure your story is specific and of high interest to our readers.
  • Submit article ideas that fall within the existing column profiles of the newsletter.
  • Read several back issues of Pressing Times in order to get a flavor for the content, tone and style of the newsletter. Queries for subjects that have been recently covered will not be considered.
  • Truly unique story ideas will get the best response. If extensive information on the same subject can be already found on the web, it will not be “news” to our readers.
  • We tend to develop new writers on small items first. New writers rarely receive a full feature assignment. Your best opportunity comes from pitching smaller items.

Lead Time

Our editorial planning generally occurs three months in advance of publication, but we are happy to consider seasonal story pitches throughout the year.

How to Submit An Idea

We accept electronic submittals only. Send your idea with attached clips (not website links) to Caroline J. Beck, Editor, at:


If we decide to use your query, we will contact you, negotiate story details and rate and then send a written contract. We buy all rights and pay 2-3 weeks after accepting completed article. (NOTE: Editor may request text revisions and request follow-up information after article is accepted). Our rates vary depending on article, the writer and the amount of research involved.