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Olio Capitale Top Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil Expo

Type of Event Festival, Fair, Exhibition, Show
Stazione Marittima
Piazzale de Alcide de Gasperi
Trieste, 34139
Competition ReferenceOlio Capitale Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition
First Year of Event2006

This event is organized by Fiera Trieste with the cooperation of the National Association Cities of Oil. The event's main goal is to build wider knowledge about extra-virgin olive oil and its characteristics. On the occasion of the “Olio Capitale” Fair, Fiera Trieste Spa promotes the Olio Capitale Competition for typical, quality extra-virgin olive oil from the Mediterranean area. In 2010, the table olive was also featured.

Date(s)March 6, 2009 - March 9, 2009
March 5, 2010 - March 8, 2010
March 4, 2011 - March 7, 2011
March 2, 2012 - March 5, 2012
March 7, 2014 - March 10, 2014