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Fête de l'Alicoque ou de l'huile d'olive nouvelle à Nyons

Type of Event Festival, Fair, Exhibition, Show
Place des ArcadesNyons, 26110
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Every year, Nyons celebrates olive oil, the Drôme region's most valued export. At the beginning of February, which marks the end of the picking season, when the new oil starts flowing from the mills, the Brotherhood invites all olive farmers and the population of the city to taste it. This oil is obtained from a single variety of olives (the “Tanche”) which has been a guaranteed vintage since 1994. On the “Place des Arcades” are set large tables on which every one can find fresh toasted bread to be rubbed with garlic , dipped in the new oil, and enjoyed with Nyons’ Côtes du Rhône Village wine. The Alicoque , starting with Provence dances and songs and ending with a huge “aïoli”, the traditional Provence speciality (mayonnaise with garlic, cod and fresh boiled vegetables) is the true festival of Nyons citizens and their neighbours of the Baronnies.

Date(s)February 6, 2010 - February 7, 2010
February 4, 2011 - February 6, 2011